Kibatek International Literary Festival

Artistic Direction Massimiliano Raso

From 19 to 20 February 2016 the 39th Kibatek Festival was held in Taranto thanks to the Cultural Association "Pablo Neruda", chaired by Prof. S
averio Sinopoli, in harmony with Kibatek Turkey. Born in Turkey in 1998, for the first time in Italy, twenty poets and academics from all over the world, have given life with poetry and its value not only literary but also cultural, to an event of brotherhood and friendship between peoples. The idea was born at the end of June this year when the poet Leyla Isik, vice president of Kibatek, requested to organize a first edition of 2016 in Italy. The 38th edition, in fact, will be held in December 2015 in Izmir, Turkey. The other two editions of this year, however, were celebrated in Georgia and Ankara. Following a brief reflection, the association "Pablo Neruda", has decided to accept this important cultural and artistic event focusing on the city of Taranto. The peculiarities of the Kabatek Festival is the participation of featured poets, that is, accredited poets, the internationality of attendance, and two intense days of meetings and cultural activities. The first event, more academic, will be organized in agreement with the University of Bari; the second with the patronage of the Institutions (Region, Province and Municipality of Taranto). The culminating event of the Festival, public, free, open to citizens, took place in Taranto, with the show of the international reading of the twenty poets, each in their own language and with the translation written in Italian on a display. As if to welcome and greet the poets, prestigious Apulian artists of music and dance also perform, in an encounter between poetry and other artistic forms. The promoters of the Kibatek International Literary Festival are, first of all, the founders of "Pablo Neruda" Cultural Association, with specific roles: Saverio Sinopoli (Project & Team Manager), Massimiliano Raso (Art Director), Maria Miraglia (Literary Director), Ariel Signorelli (Communication & Marketing). The meeting and conference will be held at the University of Bari, on the morning of Friday 19 February with the Rector to welcome and listen to the poets and academics.


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